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Bob Olsen (D) for Congress
for AZ District 8

I’m not a career politician; I am a career public servant. I’ve been an employee, a manager, and a business owner. I’ve struggled at times to provide for my family and myself, often working more than one job.

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I think I’m uniquely qualified to know  when the house is on fire.


  • Do the best I can to help improve the lives of regular Americans in my district and beyond.
  • Fight dysfunction and gridlock in Congress
  • Use my vote to represent my constituents – not donors, lobbyists or career politicians from either party

Let’s do something about the mess in Washington.

I’m not gonna promise to wave a magic wand, but I try my damnest to champion the policies and ideas that help the people of Arizona.



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Phone: 602-377-8482

15508 W Bell Rd.  Ste 101-511,
Surprise, AZ 85374

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