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A Free and Easy Way to Support #TheResistance

There is a free and easy way to support the #TheResistance and to ride the blue wave to the 2018 midterm election. Although campaign donations are always greatly appreciated, we really need our volunteers and those willing to help to get the names of qualified...

In GOP America, who Cares for the Disabled?

It seems, not many Republicans currently in office care. It’s no secret that the Republican-led Congress has made their next order of business to take a shot at massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They must find a way to finance their #GOPTaxScam...

Seniors Lose in AZ Special Election

Arizona’s 8th Congressional District recently held a special election to fill the vacancy by the departure of the disgraced Trent Franks. While Republican Debbie Lesko narrowly won the election, seniors living in our district are the clear losers. Lesko became a GOP...

Divided America Needs Your Vote for Unity

Divided America Needs Your Vote for Unity

Since the Civil War, America has never been so divided. (Credit: Pixabay user Perlinator) CC0 Creative Commons Since the Civil War, America has never stood so divided. But in that great war the lines were clearly visible -- north and south, union and confederate,...

Gun Control Needed Now

Americans want gun control.  A vast majority of us want to see reasonable laws. Those who support tougher laws include almost every demographic. Democrats, Republicans, youth, Second Amendment fans, as well as card-carrying National Rifle Association members are in favor of stricter laws

Ignore $340B DACA Windfall?

With President Donald Trump‘s and the GOP’s $1 trillion budget deficit, Congress can hardly ignore picking up a $340 billion DACA economic windfall. While government officials treat their wives to taxpayer-funded shopping sprees in Europe, it would appear no one in the current administration is minding the looming financial crisis in our capital from the Republicans blank check schemes.

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